The energetic-shamanic healing method "Healing Voices" was developed by Dr. Rauscher in the last 15 years. He initially refused to integrate the healing energies that unfold in "Healing Voices" into his work as a physician and systemic constellator.

Only a disease of his own showed him years ago that he has no right to withhold this gift from his clients.

The healing powers of Healing Voices bring body, mind and soul into harmony, solve blockades and revive cut-off connections. As a result, they develop a powerful healing effect. Apparently, the healing energies are everywhere in the air as in a special WI-FI-field. But to be effective, they need a human being as a medium to lend them body and voice for a few minutes. Then the healing powers begin to work with gestures and sounds.

Read the whole story how „Healing Voices“ developed.

In his office in Bad Tölz and via skype worldwide Dr. Rauscher treats physical and mental illnesses with "Healing voices".

As an additional healing method, Dr. Rauscher also uses Healing Voices in constellation work if the classical tools of systemic constellation work are not enough to reach a good solution. Especially if there are traumatic war events in earlier generations, in which perpetrators and victims are involved, Healing Voices can bring the decisive impulse for healing and liberation.

Dr. Rauscher feels that working with Healing Voices is a gift. In order to pass on some of it to the world community, he produces videos with Healing Voices for specific organ systems that are available on the Internet for free

If you are healthy, you can watch these videos to harmonize your organs. If you are sick, the videos can support healing.
If someone in your family or friends gets sick or even is in a hospital, bring a good pair of headphones and recommend the video for the affected organ system three times a day.

Scroll down to find the videos on this page. Allow yourself four minutes of a special experience!

We all belong together