Symptomconstellations & Healing Voices

14. - 16. Jan. 2021

organized by

The Constellation Path School, Israel

The body is our friend. It is much wiser than we. It knows no separation from soul or spirit. It is deeply connected to everything and therefore has a great wisdom. In this workshop, we learn to listen to its voice.

Symptoms and illnesses, whether physical or mental, bring messages which tell you how you can heal on several levels. They show you how you can get rid of the stressful consequences of personal and trans-generational trauma. Particularly common are the consequences of war, expulsion and genocide or the disrespect and oppression of women by patriarchal systems and religions.

In this workshop, you can also find out how the collective traumas of your culture influence your personal life and how you can let go of these connections with respect. In order to provide this collective experience for the group, some of the participants' symptoms and illnesses are set up in a symptom-constellation. 


Symptomaufstellungen & Healing Voices

Tscherms, Südtirol

21. - 23. Mai 2021

Fr. 18 Uhr - So 17 Uhr

An diesem Wochenende können Sie Ihr Symptom oder Ihre Krankheit systemisch aufstellen lassen und herausfinden, welche Botschaft Ihnen Ihr Symptom oder Ihre Krankheit überbringen möchte. Wenn Sie die Botschaft verstanden haben, kann sich das Symptom zurückziehen, die Krankheit kann heilen. Zur vollständigen Heilung trägt die schamanische Heilmethode „Healing Voices“ wesentlich bei.

Verbessern Sie aktiv Ihre Gesundheit

Entdecken Sie gehobene Gestimmtheit 

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