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Systemic business consulting quickly gets to the point, tracks down resources and enables a success-oriented restructuring of the company.


You are an entrepreneur facing a problem, a challenge, maybe even a crisis? Then a systemic  business constellation can help.

By including all parts of the system, the causes of the problem are quickly revealed. This results in the necessary steps to success:


  • Establishing systemic thinking in your company

  • Finding the Lines of Power

  • Development of the entrepreneurial personality


Your advantage:


  • Liberation of idle resources

  • Increase in efficiency in the company

  • Maximizing Success


Consulting is available in person and online

Fee: on request

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Personal coaching with Dr. Rauscher offers managers the opportunity to make a huge leap forward in a short period of time.


Holding a leadership position challenges your personality to develop powerfully and without hesitation, to use your own resources, to resolve blockages and to develop leadership skills. Effective time and energy management is just as important as an understanding of systemic connections.


The systemic coaching brings a clear determination of the position, shows the chances of personal development and brings clarity to current challenges and upcoming decisions.

Personal coaching is available in person and online


Fee: 1800 Euro (3 hours)

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