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informs you about the offers of Dr. Karl-Heinz Rauscher as a medical doctor, systemic constellator, shaman and author. You can take advantage of Dr. Rauscher's work in his doctor’s office in Bad Tölz in Germany or worldwide online on zoom or skype. You can choose between individual therapyworkshops and webinars.


On this website you learn about Symptom-Constellations and how they can help to cure diseases and symptoms or to solve problems. 

You will also find family constellations, constellations of previous incarnations and, as a more recent development, the collective constellation, which deals with social problems and the major crises of our time.

You get to know the shamanic healing method "Healing Voices", which Dr. Rauscher developed over the last 20 years. In short videos you can experience how Healing Voices harmonize your organ systems. You can also watch videos which strengthen your immune system against corona virus.


If you are an entrepreneur or a manager, you may be interested in Business-Constellations or Personal Coaching.


See articles and lectures. You may be curious about the philosophy of “The Principle of Unity”, which is based on the fact that everything is connected to everything. Blog articles on this subject are accessible to you with one click.


Discover new podcasts and videos. In addition to the interviews about a wide variety of topics, you will also find content about the main aspects of energy medicine which explains the positive effects of Symptom-Constellations and shamanic healing from a scientific perspective.

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