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FAMILy constellation

Family constellation is one of the most important methods in energy medicine. It was developed by Bert Hellinger around 40 years ago. The success of family constellations can be explained by two factors:


  1. Family constellations understand a human being as part of the family system, so it can both uncover and resolve the family entanglements that cause illness, and also reconnect to the supporting forces of the family.

  2. Family constellations provide information which is “in the air” and which is essential for healing. This information relates to the whole human being, the state of the soul, the organs and symptoms. They also show possible connections to important trauma in the family's past.


About the method:

The family system is set up spatially in a therapy group or in individual therapy. The positions (e.g. father, mother, child, etc.) are set up in the room in relation to each other. These positions are represented by members of the therapy group. Now a phenomenon shows that is initially astonishing. Like radio receivers, the representatives perceive information from the energy field of the person represented. They begin to feel like the real family members, even though they are not present or perhaps passed away a long time ago. The secret structure of the family relations becomes visible. The energetic cause of diseases and relationship disorders becomes clear. This clarity brings new opportunities for healing.


When is a family constellation useful:

Whenever problems arise in life:


  1. Physical or mental disease, e.g. cancer, heart and lung diseases, skin diseases, depression, drug or alcohol addiction, anxiety disorders (and much more)

  2. Relationship disorders, couple problems, problems with children, unfulfilled wish for a partner, dissatisfaction with the current life situation

  3. Problems at work, burn-out syndrome, lack of success, financial problems


Dr. Rauscher offers family constellations in workshops and individual therapy .

In the individual session, the positions are marked with pieces of paper on the floor. Dr. Rauscher then steps into the different positions one after the other as a representative to collect important information for the healing developments.

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