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April 12 -13, 2025

Pilot workshop for Training

If you are interested in training in the shamanic healing method Healing Voices Rainbow® and Symptom Constellations, the pilot weekend is the ideal opportunity to find out more about the training and the possibilities it offers.

You will experience Symptom-Constellations in combination with Healing Voices Rainbow® live. You will get to know the methodology of the training and gain an initial insight into how Healing Voices Rainbow® and Symptom-Constellations work.

The pilot weekend is particularly useful if you feel drawn to the training but are not quite sure whether it is really the right thing for you. This weekend will get clarity whether the shamanic healing powers may already have an invitation for you. 


In short constellations, you will explore whether there may still be a blockage on your path to becoming a healer and what you can do to release it.

You will also, and this is very important, have your own healing experiences with Healing Voices Rainbow®.

This weekend can open up new and exciting professional opportunities for you. You may even find your calling in working with Healing Voices Rainbow®.

Facilitator:   Dr. med. Karl-Heinz Rauscher    


Where:  Online on Zoom


Date:   April 12 -13, 2025

               Sat 9am - Sun 5pm EST (New York)

                 Sat 2pm - Sun 10pm BST (London)


Fee:  142,80 Euro incl. 19% VAT

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