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The book for the training

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Shamanic Healing + Symptom Constellations

In this non-fiction book, Dr Karl-Heinz Rauscher presents the shamanic healing method Healing Voices Rainbow, which he has developed over the last 25 years and practices daily in his practice and online worldwide in combination with Symptom Constellations.

He has presented these healing methods in workshops and individual therapies in 15 countries and 4 continents, proving the effectiveness of the treatment with Healing Voices Rainbow in different cultures.

This book opens up two valuable and extremely effective healing methods in the field of Energy Medicine, which complement and enrich conventional medical treatments.

This book is, as Dr Rauscher himself puts it, his legacy as a doctor to the world.

246 Seiten, 22,80 Euro

E-Book: 8,99 Euro

ISBN 978-3-7578-2981-0

BoD 2023

English Edition will be published in Oct. 2024


Reading Sample: Healing Voices Rainbow


Energy is the magic word. Everything in living nature is energy. Life is energy. Humans are filled with energy, their bodies are created and maintained by energetic processes. 

This insight is still alien to modern Western medicine. The reason for this is the mental fixation on visible and measurable matter. Historically, this fixation arose in response to the authoritarian interpretation of the world by patriarchal religions.

The separation of matter and spirit in the Enlightenment overcame the dominance of religion in human thinking and established modern science, which limits itself in the perception of nature to the five senses. As a result, scientists considered only matter, that could be discerned through pure observation, to be worthy of exploration. The spirit, and thus all invisible, immeasurable, energetic processes carried the aura of religion. Scientists did not and still do not want to fall into the clutches of religions whose leaders sought to dictate what was allowed and what was not. The taboo of scientifically investigating spiritual and energetic processes is a direct consequence of the collective trauma of the witch burnings, which lasted for centuries and could affect anyone who thought differently, male or female. This million-fold trauma remains unresolved to this day, firmly embedded in our society and leads to an elevated level of fear in the collective unconscious. Behind the rejection of spiritual-energetic healing powers by many scientists lies the unconscious fear of being ridiculed, ostracized from the community and ultimately killed. As these are collectively unconscious processes, those affected are unaware of them. The rejection of energetic healing is an automatic process, a collective reflex that bypasses the mind. However, reflexes have their justification only in situations of danger. Later, when the danger has passed, and especially when it comes to scientifically investigate nature with a cool mind, this reflex has no place, for it robs one for reason at this point.

The fact that this reflex still exists suggests that the emotional danger is not yet over, that many people of our time are still collectively shaken in the depths of their souls by the millions of murders in the Middle Ages. Therefore, they cannot see the reality and the forces at work within it. We suffer from a collective, post-traumatic psycho-syndrome in which unconscious fear leads to the suppression of common sense and consequently to total ignorance of natural, energetic phenomena. The result is a distorted view of nature. This establishes a fundamental blockage in the scientific world, which prevents the obvious from being investigated.

In rejecting all spiritual, energetic processes in the body and soul of humans, conservative scientists commit a twofold error. On the one hand, they reject spiritual connections in order to avoid religious coercion and subconsciously deadly persecution. On the other hand, they adopt the pre-condemnation of every form of spiritual healing. Patriarchal religions demonised all spiritual healing powers as part of the indigenous nature religions which they wanted to eradicate to gain power over people. To accomplish that they burned, drowned or hanged the knowledgeable representatives of these religions. 

In this way, the entire Western scientific community adopts the belief system that it originally intended to leave behind and vehemently refuses to fall back into at all costs. For it is a pure, unfounded belief that energetic-spiritual forces do not exist or, if they do exist, that they only cause evil and harm.

As long as matter had not yet been completely explored and its exploration, even without the assumption of a spiritual background, continued to produce new, valuable insights, it was not so bad. However, since matter has largely revealed its secrets and even DNA, our genetic code, has been deciphered to the last detail, progress into the exploration of life seems to have stalled. We are going round in circles. 

However, since the indisputable findings of quantum physics are available, proving that matter under the scrutiny of physicists breaks down into something that has never been associated with matter, namely energy and connection, it should be evident to everyone that an expansion of the conceptual framework is needed in order to better understand life. The invisible world of energy and the relationships between the energetic units is now taken into consideration. For this, Western science would need to abandon once and for all the belief that the invisible does not exist and is therefore not worth investigating. This belief is nothing more than part of a religious dogma that should no longer have any place in scientific thinking. 


If only one-third of the global research funds, which amount to many billions, were invested in clarifying the energetic connections of the phenomenon of life, we would soon have evidence for what doctors and healers around the world working with healing energies have known for a long time based on their experience:

Matter is conditioned (created) by energy and sustained in its existence through energy. Energy permeates the entire universe and connects all its parts into a functioning whole. There are energetic structures that maintain order in the universe and all its parts, including the human body and the human psyche and can also restore it in the event of disruption. On the other hand, in addition to the energetic forces that sustain life in its healthy functions, there are also energetic disturbances in the field that lead to illness and pain. Most interesting for medicine is the fact that healing energies also exist. Similar to the earth's magnetic field, they are present everywhere, completely orientated towards healing and have the power to heal physical illnesses and also mental disorders or to make a significant contribution to healing.




Exploring the invisible is the great adventure of the future. It is an adventure because we do not know what awaits us. The new and unknown is inconceivable within the old thought patterns, cannot be grasped with familiar linguistic terms and is immeasurable with existing instruments. It literally exceeds our horizons. Just as in the Middle Ages the understanding that the earth is round was beyond the horizon, one had to venture to the edges of the then known world in order to make this theoretically recognised truth tangible, we must also set out today to the edges of our imagination and sail beyond until new territory emerges and enables a new way of understanding. This will provide us with insights into the currently hidden truths of living nature.


We know from history that it is not easy to abandon the firmly established framework of thought that one has adhered to throughout one's entire life, only to realise that the world as one has previously conceived it does not exist and never did

However, the spirit of inquiry, which is a significant characteristic of our species, has always led us beyond the current horizon throughout history. So come with me on the journey to new horizons, beyond which we will discover together how the remarkable phenomena of energy medicine can be explained and what new understanding of existence emerges from it. 




Chapter 1: Foundations of Energy Medicine


"We are slowed down waves of sound and light, an ever-changing bundle of frequencies, tuned to the cosmos. We are souls clothed in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments on which our souls play their music."

Albert Einstein


I owe my knowledge of energy medicine to my many years of experience with System Constellations and the shamanic healing method “Healing Voices Rainbow”. 

In order to comprehend the amazing healing experiences of energy medicine, I had to abandon the old thought patterns of the scientific world of our time and embark on entirely new mental pathways. In English this is referred to as "thinking out of the box" or, as Jens Corssen, a specialist in mental self-management expresses it, jumping out of the "neuronal crib". I had to leave the well-worn thinking pathways of my brain ingrained by habit, to plunge into the adventurous jungle of an unknown world.


The world that revealed itself to me there, I would like to describe to you right at the beginning of this book, because it helps to better understand and grasp the healing phenomena of energy medicine.



The World of Energy


We humans live within different energy worlds and energy levels that not only surround us, but also permeate every cell of our body and every layer of our aura. These energy worlds are organised in levels, different qualities and frequencies influencing each other. They form an interconnected system, comparable to the earth's atmosphere, where a change in one area can soon lead to a change in the status quo in another, distant part.

We are part of a vast connection, a unity that makes sense if we always keep the whole in view. If, as is common in Western natural science, we break down the whole into its individual parts and examine them under the microscope without considering their connection to the whole, we miss the essentials. As a researcher, we are faced with a dilemma. Because the analytical mind can only understand by dividing. In order to really grasp the whole, we would have to leave the mind behind and focus on a different kind of cognitive ability, namely the intuitive perceptual capacity to perceive our entire being, including the body, soul and spirit. We would have to extend invisible antennae, not think but feel, intuitively absorb, open ourselves to an insight from the greater whole instead of seeking the solution through dissection.

Exploring the parts is certainly meaningful when maintaining a view of the whole and interpreting the phenomena discovered at the level of small and minute parts in the light of the entirety.

These two approaches complement each other. Both are inherently connected. However, we have to live with a paradox: Each part appears to be separate from other parts. This is the only reason why we can perceive it as an independent part. Yet simultaneously, the part is also the whole and, on this level, inseparably one with everything else. Both are true at the same time. It seems impossible to reconcile these two perspectives. However, if we dare to overlay these two realities like two slides showing an object from different angles, we see a completely different dimension. Our intuitive perceptual capacity assists us in this endeavour.  



Blockage of Aggression


Wherever healthy anger and aggression cannot flow or express itself, an energetic congestion of aggression occurs in the energy field of the people involved. The effects of unconsciously blocked aggression can manifest in two fundamentally different ways.


1. Permanent Inhibition (aggression is invisible)


People who grow up in families where aggression is inhibited have no sense of the anger that may be concealed in them secretly.  They neither feel anger nor aggression. This poses a limitation to the development of their own life path. Because even the healthy aggression that serves progress in the right direction, is blocked. Affected individuals may find it difficult or impossible to defend themselves against various attacks, to assert their space and position in both private and professional settings. They cannot navigate their path in life. Often, they remain “victims” of the circumstances.


2. Temporary Inhibition with periodic outbursts of violence (aggression becomes visible)


This can also happen with blocked aggression. Suddenly aggression breaks through. Repeated outbursts of anger in children or a reediness for violence and criminal acts in adults can be the result. 

In families where a consistent high level of aggression exists over generations, there are frequent outbreaks of verbal or physical violence without any apparent trigger. The true source and the true target of aggression are often no longer clearly visible after only one generation and so aggression repeatedly seeks out innocent victims, perhaps a loved partner or children. Unexplainable anger deeply embedded in the family system for generations is a common cause of domestic violence. 

A man who was repeatedly brutally sexually abused as a child sits on a powder keg of aggression, which was actually directed towards the perpetrator, but now is directed towards his wife and children or against the affected individual themself in the form of substance abuse, alcohol or, in extreme cases, suicide.



The Medium


When I work as a medium, I completely set aside my ego. The ability to do so is something I have acquired over decades on a long professional journey with many teachers and at times, intense extremely painful crisis-ridden personal experiences. 

But what exactly is this thing called the ego that one must set aside during the training to become a Healing Voices Rainbow healer?


Shedding the ego is one of the toughest lessons one must learn on the path of personal development if one wishes to progress along the path of maturity. This applies to everyone, regardless of their profession. Life itself presents us with this task. But not everyone accepts this challenge. Those who consciously embark on this path have a sometimes tough, but always extremely interesting and exciting journey ahead, ultimately leading to the joy of existence. As always, with important life endeavours there is no guarantee of success. The journey is the destination.

 However, this is not enough for a person who wants to be available as a medium for shamanic healing energies. The goal of egolessness must be achieved so that one's own channel is pure enough to allow the healing energies of Healing Voices Rainbow to pass through unfiltered and unchanged

While remaining a completely normal person in everyday life, still having desires and fears, as a medium one sets aside all fears and concepts as soon as one invites the shamanic healing forces. 

But what exactly is this thing, called the ego, that one must set aside during the training to become a Healing Voices Rainbow healer?


The Ego


The ego is the entity in humans that feels separate from other people, essentially from the entire world. The development of the ability to recognise and experience oneself in separation from others, is a crucial part of human development. A child initially feeling a sense of unity with its mother develops ego-consciousness in the first years of its life by experiencing itself as separate from its parents and siblings. This pivotal moment occurs when the child utters the word "I" for the first time. 

Depending on the cultural environment, the ego-consciousness is more or less expanded through adulthood, while the sense of community, the awareness of unity, the realisation that one is also part of a community and a greater whole, diminishes.

When the ego principle becomes too dominant, I refer to it as the ego principle, wherein one's own ego becomes more important than the community. I want, I need, I desire, e.g. love, security, influence, money, power. You feel separated and perceive others as enemies against whom you must assert yourself. Behind this lies the fear of the small human ego of dissolution, extinction and death.

In the personal realm, an exaggerated ego principle leads to separation from fellow human beings. Egotistical people are not well received They become lonely and, in extreme cases, embittered.

In the collective, social realm, an exaggerated ego principle leads to the exploitation of other people (the main goal is to get rich), the exploitation of nature (subdue the earth), the oppression of minorities (only we have the right to be here) and leads to war and destruction (we must fight the others before they attack us). Strength, assertiveness and ruthlessness determine the economic and political fields.

English edition follows

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