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Every person has an energy field that keeps him or her alive and in which all information for health and healing is located. However, this energy field can also carry disruptive, burdening and sickening energies, most of which can be traced back to unresolved trauma.

The trauma may have happened in your childhood or to a family member in an earlier generation. An unresolved trauma from a previous incarnation can also burden the energy field.

The human energy field penetrates all cells of the body, embraces the human soul, shines through the aura and is connected to the energy fields of living and deceased people, of animals and plants, of mother earth and ultimately to the entire universe.

In this way, the human being is a part of the whole, a cell of humanity, a cell in the structure of nature and the planet earth. People get sick or recover through influences from their energy field, depending on which energy qualities are present there.

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Energy medicine takes care of the human energy field, finds the energetic burdens and tracks down the initial trauma in one's own biography, in the family of origin or in a previous incarnation. This will help you to understand where your disease, symptom or problem is coming from. This is important for healing.
To achieve this goal, Dr. Rauscher will do  a Symptom-Constellation for you which will give you access to information about the energy field.

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In a further step, a healing movement is started in the burdened souls of the people involved in the trauma of the past, so that these souls can free themselves from the blockage of the trauma and proceed on their way free of aggression, revenge or regret and reconnect to their loved ones (souls ). This removes the emotional burden from the energy field of all those involved, including the client.
In a personal trauma in this life or a previous incarnation, a part of the soul which might still be frozen in the trauma is released from this trauma and passed on to the client, who then can actively integrate this part of the soul with a ritual.
In addition to that an active cleansing of the energy field is done, which is an important component of energy medicine treatment.

In order to initiate these healing movements at the end of a Symptom-Constellation, Dr. Rauscher invites shamanic healing energies to work in the different systemic levels of the client. For this he works with the energetic healing method "Healing Voices", which he has developed over the past 20 years.
The healing powers that work in Healing Voices are universal healing powers that are everywhere. They are strong and also willing to help us humans, but cannot be effective on their own. They need the client's consent and the help of someone who is able and willing to serve as their medium. The shamans of all cultures work with these universal healing powers. They do that in different ways. Some shamans combine the powers of medicinal plants or animals such as the jaguar in Central and South America.
During the shamanic healing, Dr. Rauscher works as a medium for you. The healing energies flow through gestures and sounds. Amazing healings happen. Healing Voices work with the soul energies of living and deceased people. The burdening imprint of those soul energies and emotions sits in the client's energy field. Healing Voices ensure that all involved souls experience healing, even across the boundaries of generations and previous incarnations.

Improvement and healing can be achieved in this way not only for mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, but also for physical illnesses such as heart disease, cancer or chronic inflammation. This is possible because the human energy field radiates on all body cells. A cleansing of the energy field frees the body cells from the pathogenic energy, so that the body's self-healing powers now fullly succeed.


Energy medicine is an ideal supplement to conventional medicine. As a scientifically trained medical doctor, systemic therapist and shaman Dr. Rauscher is committed to bringing together both perspectives so that his patients and clients can enjoy the benefits of all modern medicine.

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