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Usually the real energetic cause of symptoms, diseases and problems is an unresolved trauma.

With a Symptom-Constellation the aftereffects of trauma can be treated successfully.

A trauma is a life-threatening or existence-threatening event. For example a dangerous situation in the womb or during birth, a separation experience in infancy (hospital or faster home), a serious accident, a threatening war incident, kidnapping with endangerment of life, torture, rape, sexual abuse or the experience of a fatal accident of loved ones.


In every major trauma, a physical and mental "close down" occurs as a protective reaction, a blockage of alls channels of perception that sets in within seconds. Before the pain and horror of the traumatic situation becomes unbearable, the person no longer perceives physical or emotional pain or does not experience what happens after the "close down". 

In the case of fatal trauma, the entire soul can freeze in this way in the trauma situation. Time stopes. The next thing in time is no longer perceived by these people. They mentally do not experience their own death. The trauma does not pass, it just keeps on going. The feelings in which the soul of the affected person is frozen, such as fear of death, physical pain, blocked revenge-aggression then stays in the energy field of the affected soul for decades. Since the energy field of the person concerned is closely related to the energy field of the family, the burdening feelings are passed on to the descendants over many generations. As a result the descendants suffer from the same symptoms, although there is no obvious reason for it in present times.


If the trauma is survived, a part of the soul can freeze, which also causes a blockage somewhere in the body. That means, a part of the soul unconsciously feels as if the trauma would still take place. Now if years or decades later the person experiences a situation which slightly reminds of the past trauma, the "capsule" in which the frozen part of the soul is located can suddenly open. Then an adult suddenly feels like a small child in a life-threatening situation, gets panicky or experiences deep sadness or an outburst of aggression that cannot be explained.

Also with unresolved trauma in a previous incarnation, there are parts of the soul which should actually have come over to the present life, but are stuck in the old trauma. Here, too, the earlier trauma can be reactivated with unexplainable fear, sadness or misunderstood aggression.

We speak of "post-traumatic syndrome".

Physical pain, relationship disorders and even shying away from happiness, fulfillment and success can be a result of trauma.


In summary, there are four sources from which burdened energies are fed:


  • Unresolved trauma in childhood or adolescence .
    As a result, fear of certain situations or fear of intimacy can be “inscribed” in one's own energy field and be activated in situations which are only slightly reminiscent of the trauma.
    Examples of trauma: separation from the family as a small child, life-threatening accidents, sexual abuse, rape, kidnapping, experiences of aggression.


  • Unresolved trauma in a previous life .
    Most often it is trauma of a violent death. The fear of death that was associated with it sometimes manages to pass the border between incarnations and inscribe itself into the energy field of the present life. This fear comes to the surface when one comes into contact with a similar situation.
    Examples of trauma in a previous life that may still have actual relevance and therefore appear regularly in Symptom-Constellaitons:
    Violent death (e.g. burning at the stake), torture, violent separation of lovers, slow painful dying due to an epidemic, etc.


  • Unresolved trauma in previous generations of the family .
    his is often about collective trauma such as war experiences, genocide and flight, as well as about deceased children or couples separated by fate.
    The eff
    ects are manifold. In the energy field of the descendants who suffer from cross-generational burdens, one finds depression up to suicide risk, anxiety, mental illnesses e.g. B. schizophrenia, but also physical diseases and various body symptoms. But also other life disorders such as lack of happiness in couple relationships or in professional life, or general dissatisfaction with otherwise good living conditions can be caused by transgenerational trauma.

  • Unresolved trauma in the present family
    The present family is the family that you created in your life. Members are past, present or future love partners and your own children, including miscarried or aborted children. Also in this group of people a trauma can have happend, which later triggers actual problems and symptoms.


Energy medicine people and shamans are familiar with these circumstances. Dr. Rauscher uses Symptom-Constellations to find the original trauma. For this purpose, he developed the "Four-Column-Test". In the final phase of a constellation he invites the energetic healing powers of Healing Voices Rainbow® to start healing movements on the various soul levels.

He works as a medium for these healing powers. During the shamanic healing the souls of the people involved in the past life trauma are liberated from the trauma situation. Now in a therapeutically guided ritual, the client can integrate any soul parts which might still be frozen in the trauma.

During these healing movements many clients experience an enormous increase in strength, an energetic opening to life and feel a pleasant calm and deep joy.

Energy medicine is essentially healing work on the client's energy field. Since the energy field affects the body cells down to the level of the DNA, energy medicine is effective for all physical and mental illnesses.


To deepen your understanding of trauma read the article Energy Field or the lecture “Disease as a chance” .

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