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ABOUT Dr.rauscher



Dr. Rauscher studied medicine in Munich and at Yale-Universitiy, USA. Training as a specialist in internal medicine in Germany.

Further training in humanistic psychotherapy in the psychosomatic clinic in Bad Grönenbach, Bavaria, including conversational therapy, group therapy, psychodrama and Casriel therapy.


1994 training in family constellations devoloped by Bert Hellinger. Since then, Dr. Rauscher facilitates family constellations individual therapy and in workshops. Over the years he expanded the family constellations to his new development Symptom-Constellations.


From the shamans, Dr. Rauscher learned that the human being is connected with everything else on a spiritual level and that there are significant spiritual healing powers that a healer can use for the benefit of the patient. In the last 25 years he developed the shamanic healing method Healing Voices Rainbow​®, which became an importenat part of Symptom-Constellations.


Dr. Rauscher facilitates workshops in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Holland, England, Latvia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina and Australia. Online workshops make his work accessible worldwide.

In the doctor's office in Bad Tölz and online worldwide, Dr. Rauscher treats physical and mental illnesses, addictions, consequences of trauma , problems in relationships, disorders of children and adolescents and other disturbances in life.

He is trainer in systemic constellations. He teaches Healing Voices Rainbow® and Symptom-Constellations in the Healing Voices Rainbow® Academy, which he founded 2023.




Dr. Rauscher coaches managers and companies with business constellations and personality constellations .




Dr. Rauscher writes novels, non-fiction books, stageplays and screenplays.

His most recent book is the medical textbook "Healing Voices Rainbow", which was published in November 2023 in German (English translation coming soon). It is the book for the training.

To the books 



25 years ago, Dr. Rauscher developed the philosophy "The principle of unity - the fact that everything is connected with everything". He feels a calling to make this basic principle of life accessible to everyone.

Since 2014, Dr. Rauscher writes in his blog regularly about the applicability of the principle of unity in personal everyday life and to the global problems of our time.

The book “The Principle of Unity” was published in September 2017 in German. Read the major insights in the English article "The principle of unity".

On the basis of the principle of unity, Dr. Rauscher developed a vision of a new form of community which he calls "Atlantis". The book "Atlantis" was published in 2018 in German and Spanish.


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